We are fortunate to live and work in this beautiful place. Thank you for your patronage, which enables us to make a portion of our living in this exceptional environment, while preserving the land and the wildlife for future generations. The Colorado Springs Gazette noted that the canyon system below our ranch — to which we have the only access by road — is “…the largest canyon system without roads from Wyoming to New Mexico.”

The Sierra Club figures that the area of about 132,000 acres of BLM, USFS, state and private lands (of which we are among the largest owners), is the most pristine land along the Colorado Front Range. Our valley is a place of homestead ruins from operations abandoned more than 140 years ago and of century-old working mines. At the main lodge are the root cellar, blacksmith shop, slaughterhouse and barn, all having survived more than 100 years. There are remnants of liquor stills from the 1920s and rumor of lost treasure.